Nodes Direct Holdings, LLC takes reports under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act very seriously and will gladly work with copyright owners to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As outlined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, United States Code Section 512(c), Title 17, the rightful copyright owner or a designated agent authorized by the copyright owner may submit notice alleging infringement of copyright to the named designated agent if there is honest belief that copywritten work is being infringed upon by a user of the Nodes Direct Holdings, LLC network. Complaints may be submitted digitally or via registered letter to the named agent below:

Nodes Direct Holdings, LLC
ATTN: Daniel Stephens / DMCA Registered Agent
1650 Margaret St. Ste 302-351
Jacksonville, FL 32204
+1 (904) 999-1180

Electronic copies of complaints may be sent to, but must still have legible signature attesting to the validity of the complaint.

For a complaint to be accepted and considered valid, it must have the following:

If a complaint is lacking any of the above, it will be considered invalid and will not be accepted. Upon receipt of a valid complaint, we will perform an investigation and contact any necessary parties to resolve the complaint of infringing content as we see necessary.

Response may or may not be provided to notices of copyright infringement. Reasonable time will be provided to downstream customers to investigate and resolve the issue before preemptive measures are taken to disable the copyrighted material.